Saturday, June 4, 2011

Touring Lima

Started our first real in Peru by traveling throughout Lima on our own. And I think I have a new love for traveling, I loved every second of wandering through a foreign country not knowing anyone. I still might think I am a little too invincible though because I was not afraid of approaching anyone or entering any building. First to anyone that thinks I am a bad driver, you come to Lima and get in any car and you will think that I am best driver in the world. The way that these people drive is crazy! There was so much traffic, horns sounding every second, people swerving in and out of every lane, and to be honest I do not know how we did not die. 

We went to many different plazas and parques. One of the most interesting places that we went to was San Francisco church there we were able to view the catacombs of many priests. We walked through caves almost in the basement of a church and there were millions of skulls, tibias, femurs, and every other bone imaginable. It was eerie, creepy, and everything in between there, but at the same time we really cool.

Already in the first day we were determined to eat Peruvian food and went to a local restaurant for lunch. I ordered some chicken dish that was very good, but also had the opportunity to try Ceviche, a Peruvian favorite, it was actually pretty good. 

We walked around much of Lima and asked Donde es....? many times, but found our way around to many of the sites of interest. We concluded our night by going to the Parque de la Reserva where we watched the Water Circuit show. It was this beautiful park that consisted of many fountains. I posted a brief video of one of part of the show it was amazing what they were able to do with these fountains and pictures don't do it justice. It was here that we also met three people from Milwaukee that all attended UW-Madison and one lives two minutes away from me. Such a small world!!

Lima was fun and a cool place to visit for a day to experience the culture, but I could not have spent more than a few more days there with running out of things to do and way to crowded and loud for my liking.

Oh and I forgot to mention that dogs really are everywhere, there weren't a ton in down downtown Lima, but taking the taxi into Lima we saw thousands roaming the street. They better watch out I warned them about my  pepper spray!

Now we go to "sleep" in the airport (I will not sleep a minute in this loud, busy place) and then board our place to Piura at 6am and then the work begins!

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