Sunday, June 19, 2011

La Playa!!

Finally we got to take a break from all our hard work in the community and got to relax at La Playa (the beach!!)! We were a little worried this morning when we left because it was very overcast and cloudy outside, but here the sun never seems to disappoint. Because after the hour drive to the beach the skies were clear blue and the sun was beaming down on us. I actually might get a little tan on this trip after all. There was a little resort at the beach that we were able to enjoy their facilities, like their pool and lounge chairs. Which was extremely nice because they recommended that we not swim in the ocean water. I was able to go for a nice run on the beach and we started a little game of soccer. Then we all reclined by the pool and went swimming for a little bit.

Clearly, we are all very hard working nurses...

For lunch we enjoyed all kinds of Peruvian foods from a local restaurant including foods like celviche, yuka, banana chips, chicken, and fish. It was all very good. I also got to enjoy my first alcoholic beverage down here today. It is called a Pisco Sour, a Peruvian specialty. It is similar to a margarita in a way, but better.

After laying out for a little longer we got back into the van and headed up the coast a little further to a harbor (pictured to the left). We preceded to get into this little wooden boat that was operated by what appeared to be the first motor that was invented. This motor needed to be cranked to be started, then it would smoke for a little bit and eventually turn on. A little nervous about what we were getting ourselves into. But it turned out to be wonderful the boat took us around the harbor and we discovered hundreds of sea lions. These sea lions, were not like the normal sea lions you see at the zoo. They were huge, like fat haha.

Could not have asked for a better day today especially with all our hard work this week at sites and then working on our project. It also felt more like a day of traveling and it was great to see different parts of this beautiful country.

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