Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Here!!!

Well we just made it into Lima! Today has finally come and now that we are here it is actually real for the first time. I really haven't allowed myself time to think to much about this trip because of school and work and then exams and then back to school, and now I am just here. In a way I feel unprepared for all of this, but I can't help but be so excited for the unknown at the same time! I am excited to be in foreign country completely independent, but nervous to not be around those that love and support me daily.

Packing last night was a struggle, thank you to my bestest friend, Carrie Seibel, and my family for all of their help in that. I thought I was doing such a good job packing. However, upon arriving to the airport today I soon found out what I thought was my "successful packing job" was actually quite a failure when the suitcase I was checking in could only be 50lbs, mine was 79lbs. Luckily, the women working the desk were so nice and seeing that much of my luggage was for the people for Peru, put the extra 29lbs into bags and checked it in for free. The children of Piura will now be getting their toothpaste, toothbrushes, and toys (and I got to keep my 5.4lb container of hand sanitizer)! Thank you United!

Being on the airplane and sitting down for the first time in a long time with really nothing to do really allowed me the first chance to process this trip. Sitting there I found it so ironic that I am considering myself lucky and privileged to be leaving my familiar life of cell phones, air conditioning, and hot showers and entering a life of dirt floors, cold showers, and no relief of the 86 degree weather. The people from Peru would be viewing this in the complete opposite view point.

Getting into the airport was so exciting and seeing a different culture and city is amazing. Trying to take it all in was so overwhelming.Our hostel that we are staying at is really cute and the people are so nice. I am so glad the church recommended one for us to stay at though because there were so very interesting looking hostels that we came across on our way here. Here is a picture of the man that came to pick us up, he even had a sign for me! So cute! I am traveling with Emily and Michelle and luckily Michelle is a Spanish minor because trying to communicate with even the customs people presented a challenge with just being able to speak English, Michelle saved us many times. Hopefully, my Spanish skills will start to come back slowly because right now the language barrier is already making me nervous.

Tomorrow we have a full day of traveling in Lima and will try to get some rest tonight before we start the first real day of our adventure!

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