Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping with Our Family!

This afternoon we got to take our family to the market to buy them some presents from the money that Marquette Nursing Students have raised throughout the year. They were in need of a new bed frame, mattress, sheets, and three blankets. So although it was nothing super exciting for the children we were able to buy them this. It was quite an adventure walking through the market with the three kids. Then we loaded everything into the truck and went to their home. Setting up the bed was a challenge for us, by the time us four girls got one screw in the worker that was with us had the other three already done.

Christian then gave us a tour of their home which was very clean, for being it being a mud/sand floor. This is a photo of their back yard in the back left corner is where “the bathroom” is located. The bathroom is simply a hole in the dirt, and they do not have any running water.

In this photo below all us were sitting on the new bed and all the sudden we were getting closer and closer to the ground and we were afraid that we broke the new mattress. So we all quickly stood up, but when we looked the bed was perfectly intact. What happened was the legs of the bed had sunk into the ground because it is just dirt it was resting on.

The family was extremely thankful for our gifts and it made for a great day to see our family all smile as we left!

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