Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another amazing day in surgery today! Learned even more today and everything went in smoother today. We also got to see the results of our patients from yesterday and all surgeries were a success! I met a patient from last year that had a major complication with his surgery that resulted in him becoming blind. However, this patient was not upset or mad at the doctor’s for this complication. Rather he came in to thank the doctor’s for trying to fix his eye and was appreciative for what they have done for him. This would never happen in the United States, more likely this would result in some kind of lawsuit. Again I am just blown away by these people's gratitude.

In the afternoon we were able to do a few pterygium surgeries. These are external eye surgeries, but also involve doing a graft on the eye. Doing these surgeries were very exciting because Stephanie’s mother (Stephanie our dear friend from church that we took shopping) was one of our patients! I was able to assist in this surgery and all went well!

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